About Us


Edgefield Recovery Center

Our mission is to provide excellence in professional quality care for drug and alcohol addiction and to treat each client with integrity, compassion, and dignity. It is our goal to help the client become the happy, healthy, productive, compassionate, and vital person they desire to be.

Our addiction facility is a 70-bed drug and alcohol treatment center providing treatment services for alcoholism, drug abuse and other addictive disorders. We serve adult men and women who are in need of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services as well as extended residential care. We offer treatment of individuals with co-occurring diagnoses such as major depression, anxiety disorders, etc. We also provide medical assisted treatment for eligible clients as determined by the medical director.


The History of Edgefield

Edgefield has been a place of serenity for all its years. The building was first built in the 1930’s and then belonged to a farmer, then a novelist. It has been a landmark for many years in the community. The vision for a recovery setting came in 2009 one late sunny, spring day when Mr. Robert Rayford, the founder of the recovery center, was sitting under one of the magnificent live oaks and it became clear this was a place that could help others.

The property was then transformed into what has now been licensed by DHH and accredited by the Joint Commission of Hospitals Organization to treat and offer a chance for recovery to those stricken with the bondage of addiction. The structures on the grounds are rich with history and adorned with live oak, pecan, bald cypress, azalea, and crepe myrtle trees. With a bayou that swings through the back of the property, and room to move around in the pecan orchard on the 27 acre estate, it is nothing short of a place to dissimulate and start experiencing the miracles that await you in recovery.


Robert Rayford Jr
Chief Executive Officer


David A. Brocato, LAC, CCS
Clinical Program Director 
Ext: 205

Annastasia Mathews.jpg

Annastasia Mathews, CIT
Ext: 204

Regina R.jpg

Regina Roberts
Behavioral Tech Supervisor
Ext: 211



Joe Renbarger
Dietary Manager


Felicia (002).jpg.png

Felicia Powers
Chief Financial Officer


Bobby Rayford, LAC, LMSW
Ext: 206


Joan Brunson, M.D.
Medical Director  Addictionologist

Lisa R.jpg

Lisa Robichaux
HR - Office Manager
Ext: 203

Ashley CW.jpg

Ashley Corcoran-West, CIT Counselor
Ext: 213

Larry A.jpg

Larry Akins
Intake-Admission Coordinator
Ext: 209

Cynthia Jameson.jpg

Cynthia Jameson, RAC, CCGC - Counselor
Ext: 202


Dominique Teasley, CIT
Weekend Counselor

Nicole Dauzat.png

Nicole Dauzat
Receptionist - Intake Specialist
Ext: 223

David Dunlap.png

David Dunlap, CIT
Ext: 216

Angela McClelland.jpg

Angela Mcclelland, CAC
Weekend Counselor


Kyle Wilkins
Discharge Planner
Ext: 217


Monica Manual
UR - Quality Assurance