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  • Can I have a pass while I am in treatment?
    Currently we do not provide passes during treatment. However, we review situations on a case by case basis in the event of family emergencies or other urgent need.
  • Can I have visitors while I am in treatment?
    Our visitation is part of family therapy sessions. If you and your counselor agree to schedule a family session, then they will be allowed to come on a certain day and time. Before or after the schedules session you will be allowed to have a short visit. Any items being brought in will need to be checked in upon arrival to ensure no contraband is allowed at the facility.
  • Can I make phone calls while I am in treatment?
    During your first 7 days we do not allow for you to make phone calls. Once the 7 days pass you will be allowed to make phone calls weekly based on a schedule. If when you first arrive you need to let family know you made it safely and/or you need items sent to you then you counselor will allow you to do that.
  • Do you allow vapes?
    We do allow vapes, but they must be unopened, disposable, non-rechargeable or refillable. This will be verified upon admission.
  • Do you offer detox?
    We currently do not offer detox. However, we can recommend a detox for you and then upon completion of the detox program we will accept you here for residential treatment. This will allow us to get some of the intake process done in advance and you'll already been in our intake system.
  • How many days is your treatment program?
    Treatment varies based on a few factors. 1. If you recently been in treatment elsewhere. 2. How you are progressing in treatment. 3. Your insurance carrier authorization for treatment. Typically the stay is 28 days.
  • What activities do you provide?
    You can go fishing, we have a basketball court and volleyball. We also have a personal trainer that will provide exercise regiments with you. Yoga Classes are available two times per week. The counselors plan special events and provide other activities during your treatment stay.
  • How long does it take for me to be admitted once I am ready to come in?
    Our intake team will work with you to verify your insurance coverage and schedule you. This can be done the same day in some cases and within 24 hours for sure. Private pay insurance policies sometimes take us 24 hours to verify deductables and co-pays. We will work with you to get you in as quickly as possible.
  • Do you accept clients on MAT (Suboxone, Naltrexone) for treatment.
    Yes, we fully support MAT as part of our program. If you come with a prescription or you are already on it, we will continue it. If you aren't currently on it, then you will see one of our medical providers and only they can make a decision rather to prescribe it for you or not.
  • Can I leave if I decide I do not want to stay in treatment?
    Because all of our admits are Formal Voluntary Admits. You can request to leave but it does require that you request it 72-hours in advance. This is required as per LA Revised Statue 28:52 governing formal voluntary admissions. You make the request with your counselor. This also prevents clients making impulsive decisions and gives our clinical team additional time to work with you in hopes of keeping you engaged in treatment in order for you to complete.
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