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Client/Family Reviews & Comments


Thank you for all the sincere care & concern. This is the best treatment center with the realest counselors and staff.  I am forever grateful. 

“Hey Ms. Annastasia! I just wanted to thank you for all you did for me at Edgefield! I completed GraceHouse and I moved into an Oxford in New Orleans aka Metarie called Vieux Carre and I absolutely loved it. I just moved back in town very reluctantly but for my daughter. I'm in an Oxford Olympius in Alex but nervous about being in town but 10 months clean and sober and I couldn't of done it without my wonderful counselors, sponsors, and my higher power so I wanted to give you and everyone at the Edgefield a big THANK YOU! You Changed My Life!”

Just wanted to reach out and Say Thank you 😊❤️ For Saving E's Life ❤️I've Never been Prouder. He's only gotten to come home once for about 3 days for His Daughters Birthday. I miss him terribly All the time .But Glad it's this kind of missing And knowing he's doing what he needs to do to stay clean an grow in his Sobriety Journey I try not to be Selfish an Let him do What he needs to do I just hate I can't be there .But maybe that's a good thing So he that he grows an matures be the responsible Man he needs to be without me babying him. But just wanted to Thank you an entire Program I've told lots of people what a great and Successful program this is. Again, Thank you an even in that I feel I can't Really And Truly Express The Gratitude and Gratefulness I Truly truly truly Appreciate ❤️❤️
God bless you and Have a Wonderful Day😊  (Name Removed)

Hey Mr. Bobby, i don't know if you're gonna see this or remember me but i wanted to reach out and say thank you. You were my counselor over 4 years ago at ERC and since i have left i have stayed clean, found a wonderful man and married, repaired damaged relationships with family and friends, resolved criminal issues, held down a great job, and raising 2 beautiful stepdaughters and i am pregnant with my miracle baby! I've been someone that my friends look up to and reach out to for advice on recovery. I've been involved with multiple anti human trafficking organizations around the Houston area. I'm literally living my best life and its all thanks to ERC. Again, i wanted to thank you so much.   (Name Removed) 

This place saved my life I love this place I would love to work there someday. I love the staff and the counselors we're amazing.thank y'all.

Edgefield is hands down the place to go for addiction and or alcoholism treatment. The grounds and structures are just beautiful; right on a bayou. The techs, Intake team, nurses, and counselors really care about the well-being of their clients. I went in a broken man and came out shining after my 28 day stay. Great place to get treatment and begin a new life, really can't say enough good things about it. Oh, and the food is fantastic, the techs will spend their own monet pampering and spoiling us with delicious home cooked food!

I attended for 30 days. The facility was well kept. It’s a huge plantation house. If you’re an addict struggling with staying sober, I’d recommend this place 1st. The staff is respectable. Some, not all. They have techs there that will power trip, not leaving the advertised “snacks or drinks” out, telling you, you have to wait until morning at 8pm when you were served dinner at 5pm. Not enough time to engage in physical activities. More worried about drama than well-being of the clients there. The counselors do a decent job of targeting your needs. That’s mainly the only complaint I had besides the food sometimes being baked when it didn’t have to be. Meals were mostly good other than that. Good hospitality there and the nurses are phenomenal.

Awesome place to recover...thanks to all the staff and everyone in the facility.

I attended Edgefield in October 2015 - December 2015 and compared to the 4 other luxury or semi-luxury addiction recovery centers such as Palmetto in Rayville, La, it is second to none. I have personally only heard very few negative reviews of Edgefield and they were individuals who either didn't finish the program or did not invest themselves and give the program an honest attempt during their stay. The entire staff even including the janitorial workers honestly care and give 100% daily into doing whatever they can in their power to make your stay beyond comfortable and beneficial to your recovery and your stay there. Even after my time there, the staff continues to cater to my specific needs and I am more than thankful for these wonderful folks at Edgefield. I'm from central Louisiana so it was great that I was so close to home and family was able to visit and bring me things such as toiletries that I needed. Thanks again Edgefield!

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to ERC! They saved my life. The administration, techs, nurses and all other staff are great people! Is a beautiful place to start our road to recovery. The first few days I just wanted to leave. I miss my children and my home etc. but after that I settled in and really don’t into the program. By the end I was so happy to leave to see my family but also a little sad because you grew bonds with these people.

I went in there and stayed 28 days and it changed my life. The staff are amazing. The grounds are amazing. The food is great, and they really care about the clients I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone.

I absolutely loved my experience at Edgefield. The grounds were breath taking, the staff were welcoming, the program was empowering. I didn't want to leave.

Edgefield recovery center was a beautiful experience and I would recommend it for anyone struggling with substance abuse.
The accomodations were great and the food was good and the sceneary was theraputic as were the thetapist.

Changed my life

I had a great time learn alot about myself .. met some great people..

All I can say is awsome!!!!!!! Great recovery great people relaxing environment

Amazing facility. Beautiful staff and grounds.

Great place and great people.


This is a beautiful facility

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