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Intake / Admissions


The Best Care

We accept both self-referrals and professional referrals. Referral packets can be emailed and/or faxed to us for review.  

A member of our intake team can be reached by calling:

(318) 748-2673 (Press 1) 

Our Intake department will verify insurance coverage. We will schedule a phone interview and once the client is approved by our review team, they will be approved for scheduling. 

During admission we will ask the client to sign the necessary admission documentation and release of information for anyone they wish to have information released to. During this time they will meet with an LPN for a nursing assessment to determine any immeidate medical needs.  You will also be required to provide a urine drug screen to ensure you do not need to be medically detoxed.  Home medications and prescriptions will also be reviewed to ensure client has the proper medications during their stay in treatment.  All belongings will be searched for any contraband and inventoried.  Any valuables will be locked up for safe keeping. 

ERC works with Parish Drug Courts, Probation/Parole, Department of Children and Family Services to provide Residential Treatment Services to those in our local communities.  We also accept client from aound the state.

For a list of items needed during treament click the link below. 

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