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Provider/Referral Info


Edgefield believes in the value of communicating with referring professionals in order to achieve the greatest continuity of care for your client, and ours. Therefore, as a referring provider, you can expect that you will be kept up to date on your patients’ treatment progress. Upon admission, our staff will obtain the necessary HIPPA release forms executed by the patient and will discuss with the referring provider the level of involvement the provider is requesting and by what means the provider would like the information to be communicated. At this time, it would also be an opportunity for you, the referring provider, to share with the treatment team any pertinent client issues you feel need to be addressed while the patient is in treatment. 

We value all our partners and appreciate the great working relationships we have built over the years.  We are here to help and accomodate where we can.  If there is something you need, please reach out to us. 

-> We currently offers treatment to up to 70 clients between males and females.  

-> We accept Medicaid and some private insurance. 

-> For Medicaid clients they must be 21 years or older

-> For Private Pay or Self Pay clients we can accept them at 18 years or older

-> We currently do not accept Medicare. 

You can reach our intake/admission team by calling or using the contact us form.

Phone: (318) 748-2673 (Dial 1)

Fax Packet: (318) 545-0799

When you refer someone to us, we will then call them to complete a phone interview.  This is to help us determine motivation and guage the appropriate level of care.

We do support MAT (Suboxone, Naltrexone) for clients that are are already prescribed.  We request the referral source call in Suboxone to our Pharmacy prior to the client showing up for admission.  If a client is interested in MAT we will educate them on it and then if medically indicated our medical provider will make the final decision on prescribing it. 

We do provide specialized groups for cooccurring clients, group therapy, individual therapy, gender specific groups, health education, nutrition, exercise/yoga classes with a trainer. We also try to involve family into the treatment process when possible.  We have Zoom available for providers that need to make contact with their referred client for legal reasons. Example: Department of Children and Family Services for plan reviews, children visits.  Court dates if necessary and approved for Zoom.  


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